Where can iTherapy be helpful?

Look below for case studies for different markets


Case studies

Clean air everywhere!

Hair salon

How  polluted is air in hair salons?

Hair colors, sprays, shampoons, all this affects air quality. See below our case study, how big of a problem it is and how our technology fixes it. 

Spa/wellness/beauty salons

How polluted are spa/wellness/beauty salons?

Here we also have lots of issues with chemicals, lot of people walking in and out, ... Check out our case study!


How polluted are sports clubs, fitness centres, gym?

Gyms are full of people all the time who sweat, drink, eat,; they use desinfection sprays, etc. Check out our case study for this branch!

Coffe shops/bars

How polluted are bars, and coffee shops?

Smoke, alcohol, people, finger foods, kids, maybe even pets,... Check out our case study!

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